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We are looking for:

10 x creative talents

16 + years old

Language: EN / CN

Experience in or currently studying:

Advertising, Architecture, Arts, Communication, Design, Hospitality, Fashion, Film, Illustration, Photography, Media, Music, Fashion, Sustainability, Technology

Key Dates:
** Rolling Application Deadline: May 24, 2021 (Monday)
Interview / Vetting Process: May 10 - 28, 2021
Mentorship Timeframe: June / July (TBC) -
September / October, 2021 

** Rolling application means if we find 10 qualified mentees, we will close the application process. Earlier applications will have the advantage to be selected. **

What is OWN Academy x Soho House Mentorship about? 

OWN Academy is hosting a 12 - week mentorship program with Soho House. Looking for 10 emerging creative talents in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. We are looking for talents who are studying in the areas or can show a track record of their creative talents. 

The 10 creative talents (Ages 16 - 26) will be paired with 10 mentors from the areas of Advertising, Architecture, Arts, Design, Hospitality, Fashion, Film, Illustration, Photography, Media, Music, Fashion, PR, Sustainability, Technology.

The purpose of the mentorship is for the mentee to work on a project with the guidance and coaching of the mentor. At the end of the 12 weeks, there will be an exhibition of all mentees' work. 

Time Commitment: 

This is a 12 - week flexible program. Mentee and mentor will meet once every 2 weeks depending on the availability of the mentor and the mentee is expected to work on the project on their own time. During the program, OWN Academy will be checking in with the mentees and organize mentee socials/support mentees throughout.  

Program Criteria:

Mentees would enter the program with a project in mind to execute and exhibit at the end of the 12 weeks. 

Mentees Expectation:

This mentorship program is available both offline or online, depending on where you are. Of course, if you are in Hong Kong, you will be able to access Soho House during the program and beyond.  All mentors are industry professionals and will only be able to meet once every 2 weeks, Mentee must be proactive and set a schedule with the mentor. 


This program is free of charge. The mentee cohort would be your peer support group. Each mentee is given a one-year Soho House membership to help grow their network and matched with a mentor who is trained to provide advice and coaching.

Got Questions?

Shoot us an email: Elisa Mak or Natalie Chan